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Evaluation Plan


Project evaluation will be the responsibility of the Project supervisor as following:

Primarily Evaluation : primarily evaluation will be conducted through interviews and open-ended questionnaires by supervisor. Local people and children will be asked about the operation of the Center. Supervisor will meet concern parties to inquire the project operation.

Collective Evaluation collective will begin with the establishment of baseline data at the beginning of the Project. Data for the collective evaluation will focus on the two primary goals of the project and the objectives of each.

Goal 1

- Pre/post tests of knowledge gain from the school and training operation.
- Selected interviews of parents to assess the change of their mentality about the literary program.
- Selected interviews of the local people to evaluate the training success.

Goal 2

- Records of number of children and women sent to school and attendant in the training program.

- Documentation of agendas/attendance rosters from all training programs.

- Documentation of number of participants recorded at the NES.

- Comparative analysis of the program operated by NES.

A yearly report will be issued at the end of the year.

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